Hannes Snyman DipWCF

I have a particular interest in foal work and the important role the farrier plays in the conformational development of foal limbs. Horses are the most amazing creatures and many industries and sports rest on their backs. I feel privileged to enable all of these work and sporting horses to succeed by keeping them comfortable, balanced and most importantly, sound.

I did not grow up in a equestrian family at all, but in a small suburb of Johannesburg. My passion for the horse developed whilst i was on a gap year in Europe. I had run out of money and was looking for a job. Out of sheer desperation, i took a job on a show jumping yard in Elstree Borehamwood, where my main duties were mucking out stables, grooming horses and sweeping out the yard. Part time became full time, grooming became riding and i slowly became more hands on with the horses. After a year I headed back to South Africa to enrol in a three year Equine study course at Pretoria College.

After my studies, I worked at Brandenburg Warmblood Stud in the beautiful Natal midlands near Nottingham Road. Here i developed an interest in foal conformation and was impressed by how corrective farriery could positively affect their conformation and therefore the career success of the horse. This is where i realised  the importance of a good farrier and decided i would love to be of service to the horse like that. 

I was very fortunate to be accepted to do my apprenticeship with one of the leading South-African farriers and then chairman of the South African Farrier Association, Mr Andrew Timm. Andrew had a enormous practice, ranging from Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods to Welsh ponies and American Quarter horses. He worked for clients involved in  flat racing, polo, showjumping , eventing and dressage. Due to the many stud farms we serviced, we also specialised in barefoot trimming and foal assessment and correction.

Once qualified I started my own farrier business called Hammer and Tongs Farriers in the year 2000. I was very blessed and grateful to be head hunted by a well known South African polo player and so moved to Plettenberg Bay, the Polo Mecca of South Africa. I ran a very successful business there for 17 years until my wife and i decided to travel with our boys to the UK. My wife, Laura is a small animal vet and is currently working at Hook Norton veterinary clinic.

2017/2018 were big years for our family - we moved to the UK , I  passed the certified professional American Farrier exam (FITS CPF) in August 2017 and I sat and passed the Worshipful Company Of Farriers exam in September 2018. We moved into our new home in Milcombe, near Hook Norton early in 2019 and Hammer and Tongs Farriers is now once again, up and running - fully registered and insured and ready to start a new chapter in the UK. 

I have always been interested in farriery around the world, I am passionate about horses everywhere in every sport and work and I have been involved in shoeing clinics in Nigeria and around South Africa and also shod horses in Cephalonia. I have also previously been awarded the Edward Martin cultural exchange prize in the Cape Town Farriers Competition  but due to our move to the UK was unable to realise that amazing opportunity.

I am currently preparing to do my Associate Farrier exam in 2020.

Registered Farrier

Hannes Snyman DipWCF is a registered Farrier with The Worshipful Company of Farriers and registration details can be found at The Farriers Registration Council

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